Top 8 Best Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle !


Honda CB500X 3


Unless your city has widespread, efficient public transportation — basically, if you live in outer of the Megapolitan City — then a motorcycle is the most practical, economical option for commuting available. Which ones use the least amount of gas? These are the best fuel-efficient motorcycles for commuting available today.

Rather than rely on manufacturer claims or our own, often unrepresentative testing (we’ve got heavy throttle hands), we’ll instead turn to the crowd and use average, real world fuel economy reports from real riders on Fuelly. And, instead of simply listing the most fuel efficient bikes, we’ll be editorializing a bit and bringing you the ones we think make the best options for commuting, combined with that reported fuel economy. And of course, Here is the Best Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle list divided by it’s genre ! Continue reading “Top 8 Best Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle !”