2015 Top 10 Motorcycle Exhaust

The Motorcycle Exhaust market has been evolving somewhat over the last half dozen years, largely thanks to bike manufacturers squeezing the pips from their brand new machines in an attempt to gain the upper hand over their rivals.


2015 Top 10 Motorcycle Exhaust


The real benefits of Motorcycle Exhaust are now no longer power-based, but rather weight based – not to mention an improvement on looks. By ditching the original can, and potentially the catalyser too, you can shed kilos off in one go, and whatever you’re sticking on to replace the stock item is going to weigh a fraction of what the accountants insist on at the big firms. Continue reading “2015 Top 10 Motorcycle Exhaust”


Best Aftermarket Motorcycle Air Filter Shootout !

Air filters, like Tunes, help your bike to breath more easily. But which one is The Best ?


Motorcycle Air Filter Test, Aftermarket Shootout


We know many of you guys and gals spend big bucks on modifying, with exhausts, fuelling modules, other electronic gadgetry and dyno time proving (sometimes) more of a priority than the rent. But air filters don’t get the attention they deserve. Getting fresh air into an engine is essential. Any limitations to air flow are a bad thing when it comes to performance. Continue reading “Best Aftermarket Motorcycle Air Filter Shootout !”

Top 3 Best 70’s BMW Motorcycle !!




From cruisers to dual sports and sport bikes to motocross, riders today have a panoply of motorcycle type and style choices, but before the 1970s, consumers had far fewer choices when it came to motorcycle type. It was design innovations from BMW Motorrad during this decade that gave birth to many of today’s ubiquitous bike types. From the go-anywhere adventure bike, race-inspired super bike and fully faired sport-tourer, we have BMW Motorrad to thank for the creative innovations around the air cooled, flat twin (boxxer), shaft driven “R” platform. Love ’em or hate ’em it was those bikes that set the trend for many to follow. Continue reading “Top 3 Best 70’s BMW Motorcycle !!”

Top 8 Best Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle !


Honda CB500X 3


Unless your city has widespread, efficient public transportation — basically, if you live in outer of the Megapolitan City — then a motorcycle is the most practical, economical option for commuting available. Which ones use the least amount of gas? These are the best fuel-efficient motorcycles for commuting available today.

Rather than rely on manufacturer claims or our own, often unrepresentative testing (we’ve got heavy throttle hands), we’ll instead turn to the crowd and use average, real world fuel economy reports from real riders on Fuelly. And, instead of simply listing the most fuel efficient bikes, we’ll be editorializing a bit and bringing you the ones we think make the best options for commuting, combined with that reported fuel economy. And of course, Here is the Best Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle list divided by it’s genre ! Continue reading “Top 8 Best Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle !”

Top 5 Best Non – Mainstream Helmets !


Non Mainstream Helmets


The mainstream riding gear companies have saturated the market, leaving the small guys with limited marketing dollars. You know Arai, Shoei, Shoei, HJC, AGV and Bell out there… But have you ever heard the names Reevu, Veemar and Akuma ? Here are some independent companies you may not have heard of, and five helmets you need to consider when hunting for a new lid, and of course with cheap price. Continue reading “Top 5 Best Non – Mainstream Helmets !”

Top 5 Best Race Replica Motorcycle !


Suzuki GSXR1000 Ecstar MotoGP


It could be argued that race replica motorcycles have been around since motorcycling first became popular. Many of the early manufacturers used racing as a marketing tool, and soon buyers wanted the same machines they had seen racing at the weekend. Today in modern days, Replicas of famous racing motorcycles are everywhere. Many motorcycle from various manufacturer are replicating color schemes of their MotoGP & World Superbike Factory or Non-Factory Team. Some examples realize high sale prices than a standard color themes, a Rothmans Honda GP replica is a good example.


And now, Neo-Riders wanna show you Some of the more popular race replicas ! Continue reading “Top 5 Best Race Replica Motorcycle !”