PCP For Finance Idiots

So what is PCP ? Imagine you want to borrow £10,000 to buy a bike in the normal way. For simplicity, lets ignore the deposit for now, and imagine it’s interest free.


Ducati Scrambler, Yamaha MT-09 Tracer PCP


So over three years your 36 payments are £278 a month. At the end of three years you sell the bike for the market value, say £6000. So you’ve borrowed £10,000, swallowed the monthly payments, and then gained £6000 at the end. Continue reading “PCP For Finance Idiots”


Victory Empulse RR Review, Performance on An Electric Bikes !

If anyone doubts that electric bikes will one day be highly desirable even for sports bike riders, a brief spin on the Victory Empulse RR that Ulsterman Lee Johnston rode to third place in this year’s TT Zero would surely change that. It’s good for over 140mph, lapped the TT circuit at over 111.62 mph and could be the reality of a production electric sports bike within a few years.


Victory Empulse RR


Just as John McGuinness’s TT-winning Hondas are based on a standard Fireblade, Johnston’s Victory is derived from the Victory Empulse TT Roadster and uses a very similar aluminium frame. But it has a bigger motor, developed by specialist firm Parker, which produces over 148lb-ft of torque, pushing power output close to 150bhp. And the racebike weighs slightly more because its 16.5kW/h battery capacity is over 50% up on the roadster’s. Continue reading “Victory Empulse RR Review, Performance on An Electric Bikes !”

Victory Empulse TT Review, The Current Performance !

After spending the majority of its 17 years building cruisers and tourers, Victory has been liberated by its parent company Polaris’s purchase of Indian. With that famous old marque better placed to take on Harley-Davidson at its own game, Victory is being revamped to become the “American performance brand”.


Victory Empulse TT


That’s likely to mean big, muscular V-twins plus smaller, sportier models along the lines of the Roland Sands Design Project 156 that competed at Pikes Peak (where it failed to finish following a crash). And in the short term Victory is going electric. Earlier this year, Polaris added to its portfolio by buying electric-bike specialist Brammo and entering the Isle of Man’s TT Zero race, in which Lee Johnston and Guy Martin finished third and fourth. Now comes the first electric roadster: the Victory Empulse TT. Continue reading “Victory Empulse TT Review, The Current Performance !”

Shoei Hornet ADV Helmet Review, Impressive Lids !

I’ve been testing Shoei’s Adventure Helmet relentlessly over the past four months – before this I had the original Hornet for a few years, but I’m already much more of a fan of the second-generation product –  Shoei Hornet ADV. Why? Lots of reasons, with the biggest draw being the visor detachment system; I ride a lot of green lanes, but I also do motocross. I wear goggles for the latter, whereas a visor’s my preference for when there’s road miles to be ridden.


Shoei Hornet ADV


The problem with the old Shoei Adventure, and on the rival Arai Tour X-4, is that you have to physically unscrew the peak and the visor system on those models, before bolting the peak back on separately once the visor’s removed. It takes forever, and each time you repeat the procedure, you risk damaging the slots of the soft plastic screws. Or losing them, for that matter. Continue reading “Shoei Hornet ADV Helmet Review, Impressive Lids !”

Do We Need A Triumph Street Triple RX SE ?


It’s the not-so-new Triumph Street Triple RX SE, but what does this mild update represent?


2015 Triumph Street Triple RX SE


It’s an odd one, this. For all intents and purposes, the (breath in) Triumph Street Triple RX SE is a new machine, taking over from the model before it that we all knew and loved. But what exactly has changed on it, other than the borrowed back end of the 675 Daytona ? The answer, it appears, is not very much. Continue reading “Do We Need A Triumph Street Triple RX SE ?”

Motorcycle History : The Japanese Invasion !




Throughout the 1950s, motorcycling remained the domain of extreme gearheads and one-percenters (outlaws). Nice people did not ride a bike. Nice people didn’t even associate with those who did ride, whether they were upstanding members of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) or hardcore outlaws.

The reason for this involved more than just the perceived danger of the sport or of motorcyclists’ outlaw image. There were practical reasons for the marginality of motorcycling as well. Continue reading “Motorcycle History : The Japanese Invasion !”

Kawasaki Ninja 250SL Review, Prices & Specifications, The Unbeatable Mini – Ninja !


Ninja 250SL


Neo-Riders – Kawasaki’s newest entry into the 250cc full-fairing sport arena, is the Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL (SL Means SuperLight). Launched in Indonesia last year, the single-cylinder Kawasaki 250 Ninja makes a surprise entry into the UK, and some country market for 2015… along with the Z250SL, a naked version of the same machine, but comes with different handlebars and bodywork. Continue reading “Kawasaki Ninja 250SL Review, Prices & Specifications, The Unbeatable Mini – Ninja !”

Motorcycle is Beautiful…


YZF1000R Thunderace


Most of us find motorcycles themselves gratifying— objects of art with an innate beauty that fills some need within us.

Motorcyclists tend to be gearheads. We love looking at our motorcycles almost as much as we love riding them.  (In fact, some folks seem to be more enamored of viewing their machines than they are of riding them; legions of people trailer their motorcycles to different events around the country instead of riding them.) Continue reading “Motorcycle is Beautiful…”

Coba Tebak, Ini Sepeda atau Motor ?

Serasa kembali ke masa lalu, dimana sepeda motor masih berupa sepeda ontel yang ditambahkan mesin mungil, apabila melihat karya fantastis yang satu ini. Ya, produsen otomotif asal Italia, Societa Piemontese Automobili (SPA) mengambil langkah liar dengan menciptakan sepeda listrik mirip motor, dan tentu saja dengan tubuh ramping bagai “sepeda goes” tulen. Pabrikan dari negeri pizza tersebut, kemudian menamakan karya ini SPA Bicicletto Electric Bike.

 Tak hanya ramping, sepeda listrik yang mirip motor ini juga sudah dibekali berbagai teknologi terbaru, yang membuatnya jadi sepeda listrik yang hi-tech. Contohnya, Sepeda listrik ini sudah berbekal frame yang terbuat dari material karbon fiber, material frame paling hi-tech di Dunia. Alhasil, bobotnya pun menjadi sangat ringan, yakni diklaim cuma memiliki bobot 24 kilogram saja ! Bahkan bisa dijinjing juga loh !

SPA Bicicletto (yang berarti Sepeda buatan SPA) ini dilengkapi dengan motor listrik 500W yang dipasang di roda belakangnya. Sepeda ini dapat diatur untuk beroperasi dalam mode full-listrik, dan mampu menyalurkan tenaga ke ban belakang hingga kecepatan 45 kilometer perjam. Dan untuk mengisi ulang baterai 38 volt yang tertanam pada sepeda itu, dibutuhkan waktu pengisian lima jam hingga benar-benar full.

Bicicletto dilengkapi dengan ban 26 inci, sebuah lampu LED yang dapat dilepas dengan desain futuristik ala angel eyes, rem, serta lampu stop. Meski sepeda listrik ini dibekali tangki, tapi itu bukanlah ruang untuk menyimpan baterai apalagi BBM loh ya. Namun, itu adalah ruang penyimpanan mungil yang praktis dan fungsional. Sementara baterainya justru dimuat di dalam bingkai.

Harganya, Fantastis ! Sepeda listrik bernama SPA Bicicletto Electric Bike tersebut dibanderol 10 ribu euro, atau bila dirupiahkan setara dengan Rp. 140 jutaan ! Wah, seharga moge dong ya…!

Modifikasi Yamaha New Vixion Half-Fairing Z250, Jadi Streetfighter Papan Atas !

Modifikasi New Vixion Half Fairing

NeoRiders – Modifikasi ala Streetfighter alias menggunakan Velg Gambot, Ban berukuran lebar, plus aksesoris bolt-on, memang sedang digandrungi oleh user Motor Sport di hampir seluruh penjuru Indonesia. Mulai dari ABG, hingga yang sudah cukup berumur, seakan tak mau ketinggalan tampil catchy diatas motor tunggangannya. Termasuk untuk NVL, Seperti yang akan dibahas dalam Modifikasi Yamaha New Vixion Half Fairing Z250 ala Streetfighter berikut ini. Continue reading “Modifikasi Yamaha New Vixion Half-Fairing Z250, Jadi Streetfighter Papan Atas !”