Yamaha MT-03 Will Launch Next Year !


Yamaha MT-03


It’s probably little surprise to hear that Yamaha is planning an MT-03 derived from the recently-revealed MT-25, gaining the same extra capacity that already led to the Asian-market R25 becoming the European R3.


Yamaha MT-03 2015


Not to be confused with the old 660cc MT-03 of a decade ago, It could be called the MT-03, or Yamaha may want to distinguish it from the 660cc single-cylinder model of the same name by calling it the MT-32 or MT-320. The next bike will use the same chassis, engine, suspension and brakes as the R3, but switching from fully-faired race rep to a naked look. Visually, it will be identical to the MT-25 that’s already been shown in Asia.


Yamaha MT-03 2015 2


So how do we know these patents relate to the European version? It’s all down to those little slotted rings visible at the centres of the front and rear wheels – they’re ABS rings, and are clearly visible on these pictures along with the sensors that use them to measure the wheel speeds. The idea of an MT fitted with the new R3 parallel twin engines is a very interesting concept, especially given the success and popularity of the new MT range.



Yamaha MT-25 2 Yamaha MT-25

 Yamaha MT-25 in Indonesia

The 250-400cc market has been hugely popular in Asia but is quickly gathering pace in Europe with almost all manufacturers having a presence. KTM have the 390 Duke and RC390, Kawasaki bought out a Z300 and Ninja 300 while Honda have their CBR300R as well as an unfaired version, CB300F, in the USA and Asian markets. BMW have even been spotted testing an entry-level bike, believed to be of similar capacity to the KTM’s. Triumph even publicly scrapped their much-reported 250cc but sources close to the factory claim the bike could be re-engineered as a 300cc model.

At the moment there’s no ABS version of the MT-25, but since all new bikes over 125cc launched from 2016 onwards (and all existing carry-over models from 2017) sold in Europe must be fitted with ABS, we’re certain to get it when the little MT goes on in europe here next year.


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