Honda CB900R Planned to Launch in 2016 !


Honda CB900R


The Biggest Japanese two-wheeler maker, Honda Motor Company, is planning to launch a Roadster-style Retro Concept bike, named Honda CB900R. This concept bike is derived from CB1100R, that was first to the public in October 2007 at the Tokyo Motor Show. And, it is pretty much amazing that the motorcycle carries a number of followers. Like CB1100R, CB900R is a racing motorcycle, where R suffix denotes a racing version. The four-cylinder, air-cooled engine would reduce the airspace. Moreover, a similar concept of the motorcycle was showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2012.


Honda CB900R


In terms of design, the motorcycle might be received Classics colors of Honda, and the manufacturer will use other dynamic features to give it a retro look. The front body cowl looks sporty classic, while the rear cowl gives a retro look to the motorcycle. The customized fuel tank, fairing look, rear cowl and visible chassis in red color will feel a retro touch. Furthermore, the Honda CB900R might be received front inverted forks and adjustable rear shocks from the CB1100R.


CB900R might be featured with a cutting edge technology and robust engine. As per rumors that are published on the cover of a Japanese magazine, it seems to be convinced make a real commercial prototype of CB1100R that was shown last time at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2012. The motorcycle will be received latest technology in brakes, suspensions and engine unit. Apart from the Honda, the other custom motorcycle makers in Japan and USA are also producing this type of motorcycles.


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