Top 8 Best Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle !


Honda CB500X 3


Unless your city has widespread, efficient public transportation — basically, if you live in outer of the Megapolitan City — then a motorcycle is the most practical, economical option for commuting available. Which ones use the least amount of gas? These are the best fuel-efficient motorcycles for commuting available today.

Rather than rely on manufacturer claims or our own, often unrepresentative testing (we’ve got heavy throttle hands), we’ll instead turn to the crowd and use average, real world fuel economy reports from real riders on Fuelly. And, instead of simply listing the most fuel efficient bikes, we’ll be editorializing a bit and bringing you the ones we think make the best options for commuting, combined with that reported fuel economy. And of course, Here is the Best Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle list divided by it’s genre !


The Maxi-Scooter – Honda PCX150 : 67 mpg



PCX Side


Maxi scooters maximize comfort, ease of use and weather protection. They’re also cheap to buy — this Honda’s PCX 150 is just $3,499 — and incredibly practical thanks to all that onboard storage (Thanks to the 12V power socket for accessories, and an updated instrument panel including an analog speedometer). The PCX’s 153cc SOHC two-valve liquid-cooled Single-Cyl is totally comfortable on the highway and just blitzes city traffic.



The First Bike – Honda CBR300R : 67 mpg



CBR300R 2015 Matte Black-Yellow


You won’t find anything easier to ride (particularly for short riders) than the CBR300R. With an extra 37cc and a fresh new look, from the previous CBR250, Honda’s new CBR300R Liquid-cooled 286cc single produces a claimed 17 percent more power than the engine in the CBR250R. A new crankshaft and connecting rod increase the stroke of the new engine from 55mm to 63, bumping displacement by 37cc. That, together with remapped PGM-FI fuel injection, should translate to added power across the rev range and crisper throttle response. It’s incredibly fun in the city and fast enough for short trips on the highway, all while returning seriously good fuel economy.



The Retro Bike – Triumph Bonneville : 49 mpg




Triumph Bonneville


Go for the base Bonnie; its 17-inch wheels accept the best rubber and Fuelly users report decent fuel economy. It’ll look good parked outside your office, too.



The Best Distance Bike – Honda CB500X : 66 mpg



Honda CB500X 2


Wow, we wouldn’t have guessed it, but Fuelly users report higher mpg’s from their CB500Xs than they do for the more high-tech, supposedly more efficient NC700X. That makes this $5,999 bike is the winner of every adventure bike on the market today. It’s all-day comfortable, light, slim and easy to ride. If you need to ride a long way on the highway each and every day? You can’t find more comfort than you can on the CB500X, and it’s pretty manageable in city traffic too.



The Dual-Sports – Honda CRF250L : 71 mpg !





Want to enjoy your commute? There’s no better way to do so than on a CRF250, which wheelies all the way to 71 mpg. The CRF250L is one of the cheapest bike on 250cc Dual-Sports market, and just an absolute steal. It’s completely capable both cruising on the freeway and playing on the trails. At 70-71 mpg, it’s also quite economical as well. It’s the perfect bike way to get started in this category.


The Exotic Bike – Ducati Monster 696 : 50 mpg



Ducati 696


Want that most recognizable of exotic badges? The Ducati Monster 696 is the most accessible model in the range ! With its thin waistline and wide handlebars, the Monster 696 provides unrivalled ergonomics, striking a carefully designed balance between performance and everyday usability that will appeal to a wide range of riders. Sport-derived chassis technology and the proven power and flexibility of the legendary Ducati L-Twin engine, make the Monster 696 works great in city traffic and returns fuel economy equivalent to a Toyota Prius. Really !


The Cruiser – Star Bolt : 50 mpg



Star Bolt


Are you bad to the bone? Not only is the Star Bolt a superior ride to the Harley-Sportster, but it returns 4 mpg more. Its higher quality suspension equals much greater comfort over city streets and it is not quite as terrifying on the highway either.



The Sportbike – Honda CBR600RR : 42 mpg




Picture 382


Already our pick for comfort in the 600cc supersport class, it turns out the CBR600RR returns the best fuel economy too. The liquid-cooled inline-four PGM-DSFI power is still very CBR-ish. It makes excellent power off the bottom like before, which is great for relaxed, city riding, or everyday commuting, but seems to pull a little stronger in the middle, while still revving to the moon where the CBR really likes to be ridden. Rpms build quickly from midrange on up, making it an absolute blast and very exciting to ride on canyon roads. If you can only have one bike and you want that bike to be on something fast, look no further.


2 thoughts on “Top 8 Best Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle !

  1. I get~63 mpg on a ’98 Yamaha Tenere 660…
    So it seems like modern technology didn’t help much in the field of consumption…


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