Top 5 Best Non – Mainstream Helmets !


Non Mainstream Helmets


The mainstream riding gear companies have saturated the market, leaving the small guys with limited marketing dollars. You know Arai, Shoei, Shoei, HJC, AGV and Bell out there… But have you ever heard the names Reevu, Veemar and Akuma ? Here are some independent companies you may not have heard of, and five helmets you need to consider when hunting for a new lid, and of course with cheap price.


Reevu Helmets



Reevu Helmets


A world first from Reevu, a helmet with an integrated rearview vision system. Reevu gives us the the MSX1 helmet that allows riders to be aware of traffic behind them in the same way drivers have a central rear view mirror. There’s an adjustable, moveable optic part on the rear of the helmet that feeds a screen on the inside upper visor. Unlike the Skully that uses a HUD to display other things like BlueTooth, the MSX1 only displays what’s behind you.

It’s not all about the rearview as the helmet competes with the best interms of comfort, weight and safety. Reevu are smart enough to price their innovation reasonably, around $479, so we could see a lot more of them on the streets.



Akuma Helmets



Akuma Stealth
Some of the most technologically advanced motorcycle helmets in the world featuring a patented integrated rechargable power system, trademarked hyper-graphics, high visibility LED’s built into the back of the helmets and an ultra bright map/utility light built into the front of the helmet.

Akuma Helmets combined some of the most sought after features in motorcycle helmets into one helmet and left room for the incorporation of even greater technology as it becomes available.


EVOS Helmets



EVOS Helmets


EVOS Helmet have been producing and selling helmets since 2006. Relying on almost ten years of experience in compound fibres gained by the company in producing items in the wine-making and plumbing sector (those go hand-in-hand).

Start with price only $37, Evos Helmets is Cheap, Light, and Best choice for you guys with limited budget. The firm began producing helmets in composite materials for some of the leading Italian and foreign brands together with the trademark production.

Skully Helmets



Skully Helmets


You should already know about the big piece of helmet tech hitting the market next year. The helmet equivalent of Google Glass. The Skully AR-1 helmet started quite literally as a fever dream by founder and CEO Dr. Marcus Weller, who had been in multiple motorcycle accidents before.

Using an elaborate network of sensors, microprocessors and a camera, the AR-1 is able to deliver a Heads Up Display, with turn-by-turn GPS navigation, with information appearing approximately ten feet in front of the rider.


Kabuto Helmets



Kabuto Helmets


Pronounced Ka-boo-tow, Kabuto is a small company which originally built helmets for elite samurai fighters. Today the company makes four different helmet models (three full-face and one 3/4 face). Founded in 1982, they’re currently big in Japan, and claimed to be the biggested helmet manufacturer there.

You might have stumbled across them as some retailers like RevZilla carry them. Only last year was Kabuto USA established. The reason you should consider them is the team’s R—they take pride in creating aerodynamically stable helmets with big protection.


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