Motorcycle is Beautiful…


YZF1000R Thunderace


Most of us find motorcycles themselves gratifying— objects of art with an innate beauty that fills some need within us.

Motorcyclists tend to be gearheads. We love looking at our motorcycles almost as much as we love riding them.  (In fact, some folks seem to be more enamored of viewing their machines than they are of riding them; legions of people trailer their motorcycles to different events around the country instead of riding them.)


Notes :

While not exactly a technical term, often you will hear the word “Gearhead” used when describing a motorcyclist. Gearhead refers to a person with a strong interest in all things mechanical.



Ninja 250 2015 2


Motorcycles possess a raw mechanical beauty. You’ll be seeing all kinds of beautiful bikes throughout NeoRiders Articles, but for starters, I think no bike better illustrates this visceral look than Kawasaki Ninja 250. While 1/4 Litre Ninja is one of smallest bikes in the other country, but here, in Indonesia, they are by no means small. They’re mid-big-sized bikes, weighing around 172 kgs and with high-revving 32 HP engine. Visually, the 2013 model is little changed from the original Ninja 250 introduced in 2007, and many people agree that that’s a good thing.


All of this provides a good example of how important the look of a motorcycle is. That’s as true of a Yamaha, Aprilia, Kawasaki, BMW, Benelli, or as it is so-called The Art-Motorcycle, like MV Agusta or Ducati as well. Motorcyclists love the way bikes look, and for every bike, there is someone who loves its appearance.


Morbidelli V8 4


I learned this the hard way. A while back, in an article on motorcycle style, I poked fun at a bike that was generally accepted as being one of the uglier machines to have been produced during the past 50-60 years. I wrote that these motorcycles were probably very nice bikes, but they were so butt-ugly no one ever found out, because no one would be seen on one. I thought this was a fair assessment, since the bike had been a sales disaster. Fair or not, at least one reader took issue with my critique and wrote in suggesting my head was deeply embedded in a place that defied all laws of physics.

The man owned one such “ugly motorcycle,” and it had given him more than 100,000 miles of enjoyment. I felt bad about that situation, not because the reader questioned my hygienic habits and insulted my ancestors, but because I had belittled a motorcycle that obviously meant a great deal to him.


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