Top 5 Best Race Replica Motorcycle !


Suzuki GSXR1000 Ecstar MotoGP


It could be argued that race replica motorcycles have been around since motorcycling first became popular. Many of the early manufacturers used racing as a marketing tool, and soon buyers wanted the same machines they had seen racing at the weekend. Today in modern days, Replicas of famous racing motorcycles are everywhere. Many motorcycle from various manufacturer are replicating color schemes of their MotoGP & World Superbike Factory or Non-Factory Team. Some examples realize high sale prices than a standard color themes, a Rothmans Honda GP replica is a good example.


And now, Neo-Riders wanna show you Some of the more popular race replicas !


Chesterfield Aprilia RS125 Replica !


Chesterfield Aprila RSV250 GP


The aerodynamic fairing echoes the designs of Aprilia’s GP machinery, and there have been various race-replica paint schemes. And also this exotic Chesterfield Aprilia RS125 ! Inspired from “Roman Emperor” Max Biaggi and the beautiful black Aprilia RS250, This bike in time were constantly at the forefront of the middleweight class dominating the 250 Grand Prixs, taking championship victories, along such big name as Valentino Rossi, Loris Capirossi, Max Biaggi, Marco Melandri and Tetsuya Harada.


Chesterfield Aprila RS125The Aprilia RS125 has a very high level of equipment, performance, and styling for its class. An aluminium alloy perimeter beam frame holds an advanced liquid-cooled two-stroke engine. The 125cc single-cylinder motor uses a ceramic-type coating on the cylinder to cut friction and wear, while modern intake and exhaust designs boost power to over 194kW (260bhp)/litre. The RS125 also has a high-specification chassis design, with wide, sporty tyres, 40mm (0.8in) upside-down front forks and an aluminium swingarm with adjustable monoshock rear suspension, giving fine handling especially on the track.


Lucky Strike Suzuki RGV250 Gamma !



Lucky Strike Kevin Schwantz


After Kevin Schwantz won the 500cc GP world title in 1993, Suzuki honored him with produced some products with Special Liveries that he used in that season, The Lucky Strike liveried bodywork ! And the Suzuki RGV250’s Lucky Strike is one of the most replicated bikes on earth, and it’s hard to determine a genuine one. The RGV 250 itself has Upside down forks, Call-Box Crescent Aluminium Swingarm, and also Aluminium Twinspar frame. The massive horsepower come from a 249cc crankcase induced V-twin, liquid-cooled, 2-stroke, Automatic Exhaust Timing Control, 34mm Mikuni Slingshots carburettor, Multiple Digital Ignition System, and also the six-speed transmission.


Lucky Strike Suzuki RGV250To the best of my knowledge, and feel free to correct me, but Australia is the only country to receive genuine LS’s, approximately 50, but they had Team Suzuki decals rather than Team Lucky Strike (anti tobacco advertising legislation). In the UK the Suzuki importer resprayed many convention RGV’s, but all genuine Lucky Strike ‘s were sold only in Japan (JDM). It has the correct OEM cans, very rare today, correct gold Showa forks and it doesn’t have the Schwantz autograph decal that many reproductions have in mistake.


Rothmans Honda NSR250SP

Rothmans Honda


Cigarette sponsors provided some of the coolest paint schemes in the 1980’s and the navy blue design transferred perfectly from the packet to coat the dominant Honda’s of the late 80s era of Grand Prix racing. With the latest motorcycle offerings from Honda having a limited fairing canvas this design would probably be more suitable for the older modern superbikes from the Japanese manufacturer.


Rothmans Honda NSR250

One of the coolest Rothmans Honda Replica motorcycle is NSR250R SP Rothman’s edition imported straight from Japan. The V-Twin 2-stroke SP is highest trim level and has awesome factory upgrades like magnesium wheels, adjustable front stabilizer, fully adjustable rear shock and dry clutch. The biggest draw to an NSR250 SP is the 2 stroke racing heritage. 2 stroke sport bikes with 45 horsepower and under 300 lbs dry and 330 lbs wet is so much fun ! A completely different style of riding, different power bands and skills to master. This is NOT a good beginner bike. It’s a handful.


Rumi Honda VFR750R (RC30)


Rumi Honda RC30


Fred Merkel was the first ever World Superbike champion onboard the deep purple, Rumi tuned RC30. Merkel came to the global scene after success in USA taking two successive World Superbike championship victories. The Rumi purple then moved its way to the RC45 with Simon Crafar (pictured above). Purple is a departure from the safe colour palette used by the motorcycle industry, plus the retro colour way would allow for anorak respect at bike meets.


Rumi Honda RC30 2

And Honda VFR750R RC30 was one of the best 750cc Sportbikes ever ! It had smooth power but was rapid, handled like a dream, and was ultra stable into the bargain. The key to RC30’s success on the road and racetrack is most definitely its rideability. It has very linear power so while it will never pull your arms out the sockets, it can be ridden hard with confidence. I would describe the handling as light as opposed to sharp so you don’t get any unexpected nervous changes of direction. The riding position plays a big part in this as although the seat appears to slope up and backwards you actually sit more in the bike, which gives the rider good feel and control.


Mike Hailwood Ducati 900 Replica !



Mike Hailwood Ducati


For many years riders have emulated the star racers of their era by painting their helmets with a similar design. During the 70s, as racers became more distinctive, street bike riders would copy their racer’s color scheme. Eventually, replica helmets, leathers and even complete machines were available—sometimes through the manufacturers.


Ducati 900SS Mike Hailwood

The Ducati used by Hailwood was a factory 900-cc SS supplied by their NCR competition shop, originally painted in their colors of silver and red. Ducati 900SS itself has SOHC Desomdromic 90 degree V-Twin 4-stroke, 863.9-cc (86 x 74.4 bore and stroke), 9.5:1 compression ratio, that can developing 72 hp at 7,000 rpm. However, the Sports Motorcycles team decided to change the colors to red, white and green which Steve Wynne copied from a can of Castrol oil (Castrol being Hailwood’s main sponsor) and was not, as many thought, in deference of the Italian colors.


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