Cheap, Practical, & Efficient, That’s Motorcycle !


CB300F Color4


Given the influence motorcycles have had on film and on our general culture (i means those crazy traffic condition in metropolis city), it’s easy to argue the more esoteric appeal of motorcycling, but the sport has some practical benefits as well.


Yamaha Mio M3 125 Blue core 12


The relatively low price of motorcycles makes them attractive as practical transportation. While prices have risen dramatically during the past couple of decades, for the most part, bikes are still much less expensive than cars. You can buy a motorcycle in brand new or “like-new” condition in the Rp. 10-15 Million price range. For that money, you can pick up a bike that will deliver years or even decades of trouble-free transportation. Try finding a car for the same amount that is not ready for the crusher.


In congested urban areas, just like Jabodetabek, the small size and mobility of a motorcycle provide real advantages over a car. An experienced rider can zip through traffic, and safe the time. While this practice, may sound dangerous, some studies indicate that it may actually be safer than idling along in a traffic jam.

And with a motorcycle, you will never have to worry about a parking spot. You can always find a space to back into, because you’ll only require a fraction of the space a car requires. As you can also lift your motorcycle back with easy, to help parking it in the small parking spot.




Another practical benefit of motorcycles is their fuel efficiency. Even the behemoth-big bike or fastest sportbike gets as many kilometres to the litre gasoline as most econo-cars, and when ridden prudently, a smaller motorcycle can get 40-50 kilometres per litre or better. I got 39 Km/L on my 110cc scooters, when rode through the busy road from Tangerang – Bekasi.


This might not seem that great an advantage these days, when we have cheap gas and suburban parents haul their kids to school in sport-utility vehicles that get less than 10 km/l, but that cheap gas may soon be a thing of the past. If global climate change really is caused by the burning of fossil fuels, as the majority of respected scientists now believe it is, we may soon be facing the prospect of dramatically increased fuel prices.

While this does not bode well for motorsports in general, because of the fuel-efficient nature of motorcycles, we could be poised for a new boom of motorcycles as a form of practical transportation. This has been the case for years in Europe and United States.


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